Many stores find themselves paying bandwidth overage fees to Volusion each month. Amazon’s CloudFront service is a way to reduce that.

Amazon CloudFront is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which can be used to mirror your Volusion store server. By using CloudFront, you can offset some of your monthly bandwidth (and to reduce overage fees) as well as diversify your website hosting to increase speed.

There are a lot of files that make up the pages on your site. When a customer views your site, their browser downloads all those files (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, etc). When all these files are being served by one server, they all have to share bandwidth. By using CloudFront, we can share that load so that your customer downloads all the files from at least two different servers, thereby increasing the page speed.

Amazon CloudFront is a paid service from Amazon. For most Volusion stores, the monthly bill will be less than the price of a latte.