Volusion Templates & Customization

Hi there. My name is “Memaddog” (pronounced mē mădŏg). I specialize in designing, creating, building, coding, and modifying custom Volusion templates (themes). If you’re looking for a Volusion specialist for a brand new site, redesign an existing site, create a template for you from a design you already have, or just make some updates to your current template design, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t limit your business to the same templates thousands of other Volusion stores are using. Your company is unique and your website should be also.

I have had the pleasure of working with nearly 200 Volusion stores and counting. Because of this, I am abundantly familiar with Volusion’s interface and coding structure. This allows me to create and modify Volusion templates beyond what most people even realize is possible. Whether you’re looking for help with some troublesome code or are ready for that site overhaul with a custom design, I would love the opportunity to speak with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Just some of the services I provide

Volusion Template Design

Custom Volusion store design to match and enhance your company’s brand to stand out from the crowd.


Cross-browser, SEO-optimized, modern HTML/CSS Volusion templates written from scratch for your design.

Visual Customizations

Using the power of jQuery, visual customizations can be created to enhance your store’s apperance.

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront integration to offset Volusion bandwidth usage and save you money every month.

Payment Processing

Need a payment gateway, no problem. Credit card and PayPal account set-up and integration available.

WordPress Themes

A custom WordPress theme can be developed to match your Volusion store for a seemless user experience.


What my clients have said

  • If you have a Volusion website you need to hire Memaddog before your competition does. These days personalize service can sometimes feel like a thing of the past, not with Memaddog. He is fast, affordable, very professional, and a Volusion expert. Over the last three years we’ve hired him for a multitude of projects that have exceeded our expectations. He really understands what’s behind the curtain when it comes to Volusion, you’d be surprised what your store can look like and how it can perform with Memaddog’s guidance. He can turn a phone call, napkin sketch, full set of mockups, or anything in between into the delivered project you had in mind. Don’t waste your money with a high ticket design company. I would not hesitate a minute to contact him for my next project.

    Joe – gatorchef.com
  • Memaddog did a great job coding our design. Everything was done carefully and on time for a great price. Communication was great and so was the level of support after the project was done. I highly recommend Memaddog as a trustworthy developer that can get the project done.

    Dan – skdtac.com
  • Memaddog is Awesome!…all I have to do is send a quick email of what I’m thinking it ought to be..his instincts take it from there and GET IT DONE…from small stuff to complete website facelifts… he has been and currently is a valuable asset to me.

    Sam – usedgolfballdeals.com
  • I was looking for someone to help me with my Volusion site. I searched Google and found Memaddog and four other candidates. I knew that Memaddog was the one and I was right. The process was flawless and I have a beautiful site. It was a relief to work with someone as professional, courteous, prompt and brilliantly creative as Memaddog. I did not need to change a thing, he completely got it. Thank you Memaddog for a great experience. I will be back with more work and updates for you.

    Leslie – iwits.net
  • I was lucky to come across Memaddog and his ability to help our company improve our image and our website in a relatively short time frame. Memaddog definitely had the technical knowledge of the Volusion back-end, and coupling that with a great sense of design and style – made our store look great. I’d like to add that he helped to make our site maintainable and not cryptic so that minor tweaks in the future do not constitute a major re-work. We are definitely satisfied and highly recommend Memaddog’s work.

    Jerry – spitzerproducts.com
  • It was quite refreshing to work with Memaddog. His competence on Volusion’s platform is high. He fell under budget, didn’t hassle me over design changes, and was very helpful in providing what I needed. I plan to come back to him when the need be and recommend his services to anyone looking to open shop on Volusion.

    Christopher – bybasic.com
  • Memaddog does great work and it’s a joy working with him. I gotta say as a web designer, I’ve worked with some pretty awful programmers in the past, it’s so refreshing to work with a programmer who actually gets stuff done and does it right and even goes beyond. A really good non-flakey programmer seems to be hard to find these day. Thanks for your great work Memaddog, and look forward to working more with you in the future.

    Jason – imaginatestudio.com
  • I contacted Memaddog with a lot of questions about my needs for a website coding job. He answered them all honestly and completely. He gave me excellent tips and guidance as I figured out what I needed. I followed through and had him do the coding on my site. He was very timely and continued to answer my emails and tailor the work to fit my needs. I was very impressed. The new site works perfectly. I am so happy that I hope to continue to do business with him and have already started talking about my next project. Thanks for being so thorough and timely in your work and correspondence with me.

    Nellie – lesliesboutiquewholesale.com
  • We worked with Memaddog to help customize our Volusion site, Suntego.com, and we would highly recommend him to anyone else. Memaddog was extremely knowledgeable about Volusion software and made fixes to our site that others had no idea how to do. He was fast, honest, efficient, did terrific work, and was reasonably priced. What more can we say?! We couldn’t be more pleased and look forward to working with Memaddog again in the future.

    Michael – suntego.com
  • After months of searching for a reasonably priced Volusion web designer, I came across Memaddog. In the past we had outsourced some design work but the results were terrible and the communication/language barrier was always a problem. Memaddog was quick to respond to my questions and still helps me out months after the project was completed! His design work was far superior than any other company I considered. When I saw something I liked from another website, Memaddog wasn’t sure if he could get it to work with the new template but after a few days, it was operating better than I could have hoped for. If there was anything I didn’t like during the design process, he never had a problem changing it and going in a different direction. He was always very helpful and allowed you to track the progress of the job on a test site. I will definitely use him again and continue to recommend him!

    Bob – sportsoutfit.com
  • Working with memaddog was a pleasure. We had worked with a large agency on our first Volusion store (www.GreatRaceNutrition.com) and were frustrated by the process. Working with memaddog was personable and turn around times bordered on immediate. The work was done right the first time with very little need to re-do anything. And there weren’t any attempts to up-sell me on more functionality, additional services or packages. In a nutshell, he says what he does, and does what he says. I’ll be back with more projects.

    Mike – greatracenutrition.com
  • I am opening a new extreme sporting goods store. I went to Volusion for the basic functionality and special features, but they were of no help to me when it came to designing and tweaking the site. I attempted to build the site on my own – clearly, I lacked the skills to create and / or design a quality website. I chose Memaddog to step in and save my site. Memaddog was great to work with and not only fixed all the problems with my site but added his own personal style to it. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the end results.

    Matt – gothextreme.com