I’ve been working with Volusion stores since 2007. As you may imagine, working with Volusion in depth for so long has empowered me with a unique set of skills and tools to make the absolute most out of Volusion’s template structure. I encourage you to take a close look at some of the stores in my gallery and note the special design elements I have been able to do on otherwise very “Volusion-looking” pages like the product page layout. Beyond what I can tell you about myself, please read some of the nice things my clients have said about me.

Why Volusion?

I chose Volusion as my shopping cart of choice while selecting a new platform for a company I was working with. They were looking to replace their $50,000 custom Zen Cart solution and have been happy Volusion users ever since. There are numerous ecommerce options on the market and I don’t believe there is any one right cart for every store. Only a store’s particular needs and wants can determine the best shopping cart for them.

Why Me?

I’m certainly not the only Volusion “expert” or custom template designer out there. My clients value the personal attention I bring as an independent contractor cutting through the busyness and complexity that typically comes with groups or firms. When you hire me, you communicate with me and only me. I am your single point of contact and also the one doing the work. This greatly enhances efficiency and produces faster, more accurate results.

So you still want to know more? Ok, well I live in Southern CA with my beautiful wife and two sons whom I cherish every moment with.